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Irregular Sleep Leads To Problems

A new study has found that not sticking to a regular bedtime and wakeup schedule -- and getting different amounts of sleep each ni...

Eat Your Blueberries

New findings published today in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that eating 150g of blueberries daily reduces th...
Coffee Cup

Coffee Not Bad For Your Heart

The research from Queen Mary University of London has shown that drinking coffee, including in people who drink up to 25 cups a da...
2 Toothbrushes

Brushing Your Teeth Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

You don't only avoid holes in your teeth by keeping good oral hygiene, researchers at the University of Bergen have discovered a c...

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Stress Free

Go Out and Have Fun

"Sleep quality is crucial because sleep plays a major role in how employees perform and behave at work," said lead author Caitlin ...
Elder Walker

Added Bodyweight Increase Fall Risk

As our society continues to age, experts project that falls and the health complications that can come with them will also rise. I...

Indoor Air Quality Tied To Blood Pressure

"Despite improvements in air quality across the U.S. during the past few decades, more than 88,000 deaths per year occur in the U....
Good Vibes

Improve Your Mood By Moving

Increasing one's level of physical activity may be an effective way to boost one's mood, according to a new study from a team incl...

Ups & Downs Of Dopamine

For decades, psychologists have viewed the neurotransmitter dopamine as a double-edged sword: released in the brain as a reward to...