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Rock Stars! A few of the certified, experienced and skilled Fitness Specialists choosing to work with Prescribe FIT clients.

  • Mackenzie

    Mackenzie Schutt, NSCA-CSCS

    Fitness Specialist

    “By altering your perception of exercise from a chore to a blessing, you are able to appreciate and explore what your body is capable of, push past limits, and develop a more positive outlook on your work in progress. We want to help you embrace each day as a new opportunity to excel.”

  • Ryan MOYERS

    Ryan Moyers, NSCA-CPT

    Fitness Specialist

    “We at Prescribe Fit realize that everyone is unique in how they want to approach fitness and that every body needs specific regimens tailored precisely to them to achieve optimal results. The goal is to help you build YOUR best body, and that goal WILL be accomplished through innovative exercise and top notch motivation!”


    Megan Stuteville, ACSM-CPT

    Fitness Specialist

    “My passion towards fitness lies not in giving someone a 6-pack or an 8-pack, but in using exercise as a tool to enhance all aspects of someone’s life. Prescribe Fit has allowed me to target that clientele, and apply that philosophy.”

  • Autum HARDY

    Autumn Hardy, ACSM-CPT

    Fitness Specialist

    “Big goals require a smart game plan. That’s where Prescribe Fit comes in. I set people up for success in their health and wellness journey and guide them through each step.”