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Did you know? 86% of healthcare costs can be attributed to the treatment of chronic diseases. For patients with high out of pocket costs, Prescribe FIT offers a solution-based service with a focus on health outside the exam room.

Positive lifestyle activities can prevent many physical and mental health conditions such as:

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Breast Cancer

  • Depression

  • Stress

Prescribe FIT offers a solution promoting the adoption of lifestyle activities by opening new communication channels between physicians and lifestyle providers.

Providers and Payers, improve population health outcomes by integrating Prescribe FIT today!

Lifestyle Assessment:

The Health Assessment is a way to create a baseline measurement of your health in its current state. We use this information to look at data markers that could use improvement and build a Fitness Plan around that. Your Fitness Plan will come with a Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle goal for you to have a successful transformation. The Health Assessment is a way for all Care Team members to look at the client through different lens to help create the best personal plan.

Your Physician will be informed of your Fitness Plan and goals to ensure proper medical oversight. The Health Assessment uses personal biometric markers to help determine the baseline measurement. These biometric markers will be shared with your Physician so they can be stored in your electronic health record (EHR). Your physician will be a team member along the transformation and be able to provide helpful insight to reach your goals.

Your Specialist will be informed of the goal(s) set and how to work with you. The Health Assessment will be re-administered after 90 days to show the progress you and your Specialist have made together. Your Specialist will be able to see the changing you in front of them and through the data. Your Specialist will be motivated to keep you on track towards your goals, and help ensure a healthier you.