Full-service remote monitoring and virtual lifestyle health solution built specifically for orthopedics. 

Prescribe FIT virtually connects orthopedic physicians and patients to decrease weight, reduce pain, and improve mobility through simple personalized changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.

Why partner with Prescribe FIT?

  • Zero budget required

  • 90%+ patient compliance

  • Average 5.4% weight loss in 16 weeks

  • Combine root cause care with traditional medicine

  • Collect $188 reimbursement per patient per month


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“Prescribe FIT was the most buttoned up of the organizations in terms of start-to-finish, taking care of the patient, excellent metrics, excellent communication, but really that one-on-one interaction with my patient makes it seem like it’s an extension of me and my practice.”

- Dr. Keith R. Berend, Orthopedic Surgeon

Simple Cloud-based Solution to Implement. Minimal Staff Time Required.



  1. We receive an automated target patient list 1x per week for outreach via email, SMS and phone calls

  2. We enroll patients into the virtual program, ship Bluetooth scales, and assist with the setup of the Prescribe FIT app

  3. We hold weekly health coaching lifestyle modification calls and boast an 80%+ retention rate for 9+months

  4. You monitor patient results 1x per month

  5. You bill insurance for new RPM reimbursement

An Extension of Your Orthopedic Practice with a Mutual Goal

Co-developed with practicing providers, clinicians, and office staff, Prescribe FIT is an extension of your practice with a mutual goal to improve your patients’ overall health through simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.  

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Additional Benefits of Prescribe FIT for Orthopedic Practices

Prescribe FIT incorporates the science of behavior change to lay the foundation for long-term improvement of outcomes. Boost your practice's reputation and mitigate BPCI-A risk with a full-service RPM/RTM solution, mobile app, Bluetooth device, and dedicated Clinical Health Coach to monitor and engage your patients. We’ll not only put your patients on the fast track to health, we’ll also:

  • Extend Care Beyond Office Visits

  • Offer Virtual Conservative Care

  • Enhance Physician-Patient Relationship

  • Portray Practice as Cutting-Edge

  • Generate Additional Revenue


Improve Overall Patient Health and Outcomes of Surgery

"I can do things I couldn't before."


Diana has experienced major improvements in her health and daily life. She has reduced her weight, blood pressure, pain, and fatigue, as well as  her dependencies on medication, spinal injections, and knee injections. 

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Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM).

Physicians can earn approximately $2,270 per patient in annual CMS & private insurance reimbursement by implementing the Prescribe FIT virtual program. Our audit-ready billing reports allow for simple identification of CPT codes to bill.

CPT 99453


Initial setup visit to issue device & educate patient.

One Time

CPT 99454


Provide one or more devices to the patient & collect data.

Each 30 days

CPT 99457


Initial 20-minutes of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.


CPT 99458


Additional 20-minute increments of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.


COMING SOON! Musculoskeletal (MSK) System Monitoring CPT Codes 98975, 98977, 98980, & 98981.

No startup fees. No capital expenses.

Help me determine my reimbursement via a FREE P&L.


Frequently asked questions from orthopedic practices like yours.

How does it work?

It’s a full-service lifestyle modification program that requires very little time from you or your team. You just identify the target patient populations to prescribe. Prescribe FIT will engage your patients in exercise, nutrition & lifestyle health activities then monitor patient health data and coach patients on healthy behaviors. You bill insurance for new reimbursement every month.

What results can we expect? 

Prescribe FIT’s patient outreach team will engage and enroll your qualifying patients into our virtual health and lifestyle program. We have over an 80% retention for 9+ months to complete lifestyle modification. Average weight loss of 5.4% in just 16 weeks which drastically improves MSK issues and patient's day-to-day life.

How much can we expect to bill per month per patient?

Physicians can collect approximately $188 per patient per month in insurance reimbursement for the following CPT codes. $19.03 one-time for CPT 99453: Initial setup visit to issue device & educate patient. $55.72 every 30 days for CPT 99454: Provide one or more devices to the patient & collect data. $50.18 monthly for CPT 99457: Initial 20-minutes of monitoring/communication time spent per patient. $40.84 for CPT 99458: Additional 20-minute increments of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.  Additional reimbursement for RTM Musculoskeletal (MSK) System Monitoring CPT Codes 98975, 98977, 98980, and 98981 coming soon!

What is the cost of the program for your practice?

Zero upfront cost or budget required to get started. Contact us for a full pro forma analysis of your practice including total patients expected to enroll and costs.

How much of my staff’s time is required?

Very minimal. All we need from you is an automated weekly list of patients with upcoming appointments who meet target patient population criteria. Prescribe FIT works on your behalf to fully enroll patients and coach and monitor them throughout the program. The practice bills the patient’s insurance for reimbursement as normal.

Do you offer a virtual care center service?

Yes! The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your care team. Each hold a Principles of Health Coaching certificate and go through on-going and routine in-service trainings. We have a strong hierarchal structure of administrative and clinical oversight based on applicable rules & regulations.

Do you offer insurance billing support?

Yes! Our audit-ready billing reports offer simple identification of CPT codes to bill. These reports are auto-generated based on the logic from the current AMA Codebook. Reports are in PDF format to export anytime.

How do we get started? How do we enroll patients?

It’s easy! Just sign a Prescribe FIT partnership agreement then go live and enroll your first patient in as little as 72 hours.