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Reporting of Patient Outcomes:

Prescribe FIT reports back on patient progress for inclusion in the medical record. Report data includes pre- and post-weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, waist/hip ratio, blood pressure, body fat percentage, heart rate as well as information on plan adherence. We also take note of problems that arise, or notable successes that have been achieved by the patient. Encouragement from a physician to a patient goes a long way.

Population Health:

A significant number of published studies report that physical activity can reduce the development of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. In addition, physical activity promotes healthy cognitive and psychosocial function. When considering the medical cost benefits of supporting physical activity and comparing longitudinal outcomes, there is a direct benefit in supporting Prescribe FIT’s programs. With greater focus on prevention, your members’ lifestyle health outside of the exam room has greater significance.

Consider the costs of obesity for a moment. Individuals who are obese have medical costs that are $1,429 more on average (42% higher) than those of normal weight (Source: CDC).

Annual Costs of Carrying Excess Weight

Men Women
Overweight (25-29 BMI) $432 $524
Obese (≥30 BMI) $2,646 $4,879

Value-Based Care:

Improving members’ level of physical activity and subsequent risk factors is an area of opportunity for both Payers and Physician groups when considering Value-Based Care agreements. Through Prescribe FIT’s App, initial metrics will be documented and subsequently collected and compared at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals. Physicians will be provided with quarterly report cards on their patients’ percentages of improvement in 5 specific metrics (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and hip & waist circumference). With member permission, individual outcomes can be downloaded to the member’s record.

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