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  • Brock Leonti


    “I believe it begins with a vision to better yourself, your family and your life. Prescribe FIT is the lens to focus your vision. We’ll guide you to restoring your health and lengthening your life with choices that lead to optimal health.”

  • Tony Capuano

    VP, Business Strategy & Lifestyle Improvements

    “The betterment of ourselves is not an individual journey. It’s a process of accountable community that has nothing but your best interests in mind. Prescribe FIT is that process, and together, we are that community.”

  • Elisa Roberts RN

    VP, Partnership Development

    “Life is a one-way journey filled with many adventures and detours. When given the gift of a healthy body, choosing how you age is your decision. Prescribe Fit will help you navigate a meaningful physical activity program based on your goals for a healthier life not ours.”

  • Alex Wessels, M.S., NSCA-CSCS,

    Exercise Physiology Director

    “Through knowledge and education comes empowerment. As your teammate and teacher, I believe that empowering someone to pursue their goal, achieves the best results. Now it’s time to start your empowerment.”

  • Trevor Jewell

    Fitness Operations Manager

    “Everyone deserves the right to look and feel their best regardless of how much knowledge or confidence they have about different forms of exercise. My focus is to help you achieve optimal health and fitness while acquiring the skills to master the process and make it a part of your lifestyle.”

  • Ryan Taylor

    Sr. Software Developer

    “Software is not neutral, it has a positive or negative impact on your life. I’m very proud to be working with a great team to develop technology and human partners to enable and guide you to make a positive change in your life.”

  • Craig Christenson

    Software Developer

    “Lifestyle changes can be difficult to initiate and even harder to sustain. My goal is to make it easy for people to connect with our team and empower our users with meaningful tools to measure their success.”