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When You Eat Matters

Dr Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey investigated the impact changing meal times during a 10-week study on time restricted fasting/feeding. The research was wanting to find its effects on dietary intake, body composition, and blood markers.

The research had two groups for the study, one group who had to wait 90-minutes to eat breakfast upon waking, and ate dinner 90-minutes earlier. The other group ate at their normal eating time. Both groups had no restriction on what they chose to eat as long as it fell in the time window.

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Researchers found that those who changed their mealtimes lost on average more than twice as much body fat as those in the control group, who ate their meals as normal. A post questionnaire was given to both groups. 57% of participants noted a reduction of food from either a reduced appetite, decreased eating opportunities, or a decrease in snacking. 57% of participants as well felt they could not follow the prescribed meal plans beyond 10 weeks; yet 43% would continue if the eating times were more flexible.

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