RPM Billing Guide for CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 & 99458

RPM CPT Code Billing Guide FAQ

A billing guide for orthopedic practices taking advantage of our full-service remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution

Prescribe FIT is a full-service remote patient monitoring (RPM) and virtual lifestyle health coaching solution designed specifically for orthopedic practices to improve patients’ musculoskeletal (MSK) health. By combining innovative technology with one-on-one coaching, we help patients decrease weight, reduce pain, and improve mobility through simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.

RPM is a monthly billable program. Prescribe FIT billing reports are automatically generated on the 11th day of each month for the previous 30-day period and combine all eligible CPT codes into a single report with a single date of service. Providers, on average, receive $19.65 one-time and $210.89 monthly reimbursement per patient using Prescribe FIT based on the 2023 National average non-facility-based payment from CMS based on these 4 RPM CPT codes.

Please request access to our Partner Practice Billing Guide to review the FAQs and documentation about billable minutes and billing reports.

RPM CPT Code Billing Guide

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