Remote Patient Monitoring Offers Better Insights for Better Outcomes

Prescribe FIT provides a full-service remote monitoring and virtual lifestyle health solution built specifically for orthopedics.

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Prescribe FIT Remote Monitoring

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EHR integrations make it easy to get your remote patient monitoring program up-and-running.

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Supporting patient health beyond office visits.

Remote monitoring is a digital solution that provides real-time biometric, health, and lifestyle data to providers. Remote Patient Monitoring Technology has two primary categories: Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM).

Unlike most remote monitoring solutions, our RPM technology has a 90% compliance rate and 80% patient retention rate for 9+ months.

What is Prescribe FIT’s role?

We act as an extension of your practice to provide health data tracking and one-on-one coaching that helps your patients make sustainable lifestyle changes. to reduce weight, increase mobility, reduce pain, improve joint health, and better prepare for and recover from surgery.

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How remote monitoring can improve MSK conditions.

MSK conditions are rooted in daily health habits, which cannot be treated by physician visits alone. Remote monitoring offers a solution for connected care interventions that provide consistent motivation, education and accountability that drives superior results.

Physicians can drive adoption of remote monitoring to improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of our remote monitoring solution for orthopedic practices.

Expand & improve care delivery


Patients stay engaged for 9+ months via our innovative mobile app and weekly health coaching calls with our experienced care coordinators.

Create a new revenue stream


Per physician per year in new revenue with no upfront costs or additional staff required.

Get Started With Ease


Zero budget and minimal time required to get started for new practices, physicians, office staff, and prescribed patients.

Put your patients on the Fast Track to Health™

See how Prescribe FIT makes it easy to get started, enroll patients and put them on the journey to improving their health.

How It Works

Remote Monitoring FAQs

Prescribe FIT is more than remote monitoring—it’s a full-service lifestyle modification program that requires very little time from you or your team. We guide you on the target patient populations to prescribe. Prescribe FIT will engage your patients in exercise, nutrition & lifestyle health activities then monitor patient health data and coach patients on healthy behaviors. You bill insurance for new reimbursement every month.

Prescribe FIT’s patient outreach team will engage and enroll your qualifying patients into our virtual health and lifestyle program. We have over an 80% retention for 9+ months to complete lifestyle modification. Average weight loss of 5.4% in just 16 weeks which drastically improves MSK issues and patient’s day-to-day life.

Yes! The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your care team. Each hold a Principles of Health Coaching certificate and go through on-going and routine in-service trainings. We have a strong hierarchal structure of administrative and clinical oversight based on applicable rules & regulations.

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