Put Your Patients on the Fast Track to Health

Prescribe FIT’s educational patient outreach program gets patients engaged in their health and active in our virtual program 8x faster than traditional in-clinic referrals with minimal staff time or resources required to start enrolling. Let us help you educate, engage and enroll patients in your remote monitoring program.

Prescribe FIT Fast Track to Health
Patients receive prescriptions via email and SMS

Make a greater impact without more time or expense.

With Prescribe FIT’s Fast Track to Health™ program you can reach all of your target patients at once rather than waiting for one-by-one office visits. By automating the outreach and enrollment process, we can get your patients on their lifestyle modification and weight loss journey in as few as 72 hours. This process is simple, secure and always HIPAA compliant.

The Fast Track to Health™ patient outreach program will help your practice:

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Better educate patients pre- and post-appointment

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Build trust by being a proactive healthcare brand

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Accomplish more than what is possible in-clinic


Increase ancillary services revenue

Patients want proactive care and consistent engagement.

According to a pair of surveys by West, “patients want their healthcare team to be more proactive about encouraging wellness and prevention. Currently, a lot of patients feel their providers are too reactive. Patients believe that if their provider pushed them to make certain changes, it would lead to better outcomes.”


of patients depend on providers for their well-being.

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of patients would choose virtual for health and wellness advisories.

Accenture Survey


say a “specialized remote health monitoring device” would help them manage their health at home.

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Now is the time to get your patients on the Fast Track to Health™, this is what it’s like to partner with Prescribe FIT:

Provider writing prescription
How It Works


You Prescribe

Each physician prescribes our virtual program to their target patients. The practice provides access to target patients through a secure, HIPAA-compliant, automated process.

Patient Referral Specialist


We Outreach

We proactively outreach patients on behalf of the practice via email, SMS and calls. All communications are co-branded with the practice. We educate and inform patients how simple lifestyle changes can improve their MSK issues.


We Setup

We conduct welcome calls with patients who are ready to start the program to help set up their Prescribe FIT Smart Scale and our PACE mobile app. If patients aren’t ready, we don’t pressure them and follow up at a later date.

Coaching Calls


We Coach

The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your orthopedic clinical team. Each care coordinator takes the time to fully understand each patient’s current MSK issues, motivations, nutrition and fitness levels then offers personalized advice based on their specific needs.

A patient looks at their mobile PACE app and messages with their care coordinator


We Engage

We hold weekly health coaching lifestyle modification calls to motivate patients with personalized exercise and nutritional advice. We focus on small, incremental changes that can be sustained long-term—no fad diets, gimmicky workout plans, or major restrictions. We promote self-management and provide tools to help them overcome obstacles of every-day life.

A doctor looks at their mobile PACE app showing a patient reminder


You Monitor

We provide easy-to-understand reports for providers to monitor patient progress on a monthly basis. Our PACE dashboard also makes it easy to dive deeper into the data and patient interactions as desired.

A doctor holds a tablet with Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring codes


You Bill

Our audit-ready billing reports offer simple identification of CPT codes to bill: CPT 99453, CPT 99454, CPT 99457 and CPT 99458. These reports are auto-generated based on the logic from the current AMA Codebook. Reports are in PDF format to export anytime.

Why Fast Track to Health™ patient outreach?


More Care

Prescribe FIT is a proactive solution for your obese patient population. Through our innovative virtual offering, we help you expand beyond traditional orthopedics to engage in lifestyle and population health.

Person Health Coach

More Connected

Extend patient care between visits and build brand loyalty as a valuable health resource. With Prescribe FIT, you can improve patient quality of life and support outcomes between orthopedic treatments.

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More Resources

Partner with a dedicated team focused on patient health outside of the clinic, so you and your team can focus on care inside the clinic. Take advantage of another ancillary revenue opportunity without the burden of adding capital, overhead, or minutes spent.

There’s nothing more important than patient privacy and security.

Prescribe FIT is committed to protecting privacy and confidentiality. We cannot do what we do without the trust of patients and providers. All patient data is securely stored and maintained according to HIPAA compliant standards. We have a dedicated HIPAA Compliance Officer who ensures we are always up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Learn more about our security and compliance

The Prescribe FIT Patient Experience

Patients can sign up after receiving their prescription via email or SMS. They’re provided a Bluetooth scale which pairs with a smart device to send daily body weight readings to the prescribing physician. Then patients are matched with a Health Coach Care Coordinator for supportive conversations and personalized recommendations. Patients routinely engage in appropriate exercise and learn about eating better.