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More than technology, Prescribe FIT incorporates the science of behavior change to lay the foundation for long-term success.

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Traditional medicine—when paired with simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle—can have a transformative impact on patients’ overall health.

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What is a lifestyle health coaching program?

Lifestyle health coaching programs focus on improving the daily habits of patients—such as nutrition and physical activity—to build sustainable healthy practices that address the root causes of chronic disease. These programs are especially valuable for musculoskeletal (MSK) patients, where weight loss is a leading recommendation for improving chronic conditions.

Lifestyle health can reduce the risk of long-term health problems.

Why physicians should recommend lifestyle modification programs for patients.

Generic weight loss advice doesn’t work. In order to improve MSK conditions and outcomes of orthopedic surgery, patients and practices must focus on healthy lifestyle changes and the dedicated programs that yield real results.

Tailored lifestyle health solutions for MSK conditions.

From acute and chronic MSK conditions to pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery, lifestyle health programs can make a meaningful impact on improving patient outcomes.

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Experience the benefits of Prescribe FIT’s approach to lifestyle health.

We believe better outcomes are the result of stopping symptoms at the source. Our solution is built on the idea that small changes to patients’ lifestyles can lead to powerful results.

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See how Prescribe FIT makes it easy to get started, enroll patients and put them on the journey to improving their health.

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Why Lifestyle Health


Accelerate recovery from injuries or surgery.

Patients receive coaching on nutrition, home exercises, and making better choices in everyday life to decrease weight, reduce pain, and improve mobility.


Stay motivated and accountable.

Patients receive weekly health coaching calls with our dedicated care coordinators.


Prevent adverse health events.

Patients make sustainable changes that reduce the risk of chronic disease, surgery and complications after surgery.


Regain confidence and improve daily life.

Patients feel supported and see progress reported in the app, helping them accomplish their goals and take control of their futures.

“I can do things I couldn’t before.”

Diana has experienced major improvements in her health and daily life. She has reduced her weight, blood pressure, pain, and fatigue, as well as her dependencies on medication, spinal injections, and knee injections.

Lifestyle Health FAQs

Your prescription is for 12 months and we recommend staying in the program for the full 12 months to fully engrain the lifestyle change. Many patients choose to stay longer to achieve their personal goals. The choice is yours.

Prescribe FIT is NOT a gimmicky diet fad. There is no specific diet a patient is encouraged to follow. Long-term success is built through general healthy eating, portion control, frequency of eating, and other personalized advice from health coach care coordinator.

Each patient will be prescribed a personalized exercise program based on their specific needs and capabilities. You do not need any sort of special equipment to get started.

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