Optimize Your Patients to Better Prepare For and Recover From Surgery

Preoperative and post-operative virtual care for your orthopedic patients.

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Orthopedic Surgical Optimization Program
Nutrition & Exercise Before Surgery

Small Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Outcomes

Our surgical optimization program focuses on improving patient safety and surgical outcomes. To ensure maximum preparedness and recovery, it is critical that patients are as physically “fit” as possible prior to their procedure. Patient fitness and nutrition levels, preoperatively, will enhance recovery and get patients back to an improved day-to-day life faster.

Full-Service Surgical Optimization Program Designed for Orthopedics

The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your care team to provide:

Prescribe FIT Orthopedic Surgical Optimization Scorecard

Utilize Our Surgical Optimization Scorecard

Receive real-time data on surgery risks and surgical optimization scores for every one of your orthopedic patients with a surgery scheduled or planned. Optimized patients have less complications and improved experience from their initial follow-up through recovery.

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Surgery Optimization Improves Patient Outcomes

Studies Show Surgery Optimization Improves Outcomes & Patient Experience

Studies have shown that optimizing modifiable risk factors leads to improved outcomes and patient experiences, with decreased lengths of stay (LOS), readmissions, complications, and costs.

The research also proves the importance of patient lifestyle health, nutrition, strength, mobility, sleep, stress, and preparedness for improving surgical outcomes; however, most orthopedic practices do not have the resources to implement an effective, personalized program for their patients.

By providing a remote patient monitoring service with daily touch points and weekly calls, Prescribe FIT’s team of clinical care coordinators and innovative mobile app provides high engagement, improved compliance, and an overall better surgical experience for patients.

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Surgery Optimization FAQs

No. The program is 100% virtual and available wherever you’re located in the United States.

Yes, of course! The team at Prescribe FIT is always there to help you every step of the way. Our technology was built with this in mind so it’s easy to use for anyone, anywhere, on any smart device. Our patient referral specialist team will help you download the app, show you how it works, and schedule your first surgery prep call. Once you’ve begun the program, your surgery prep care coordinators will guide you through the program.

Our surgery optimization program includes preoperative care for the weeks leading up to surgery and typically includes at least 90 days of postoperative care. After that, patients have the option to continue utilizing our lifestyle health coaching program to aid in recovery for a full year.

Often, there are NO out-of-pocket costs for patients participating in Prescribe FIT. Typically Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance carriers cover the service with little to zero financial responsibility to you. We’ll help you to determine coverage and benefits before enrolling.

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