Help your patients Address the Root Cause of their MSK Conditions & Better Prepare for Surgery

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Improve patient outcomes while optimizing for surgery with our full-service remote monitoring and virtual lifestyle health coaching solution. Prescribe FIT extends orthopedic care beyond the office to help patients decrease weight, reduce pain, improve mobility, and be better prepared for surgical or non-surgical treatment.

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We’re an extension of your busy orthopedic practice.

We’re helping to expand MSK care beyond in-office visits with little-to-no work required from you our your team. We proactively outreach, educate, setup and support patients on your behalf. We help each patient setup the Prescribe FIT Smart Scale and PACE mobile app. We hold weekly health coaching calls with patients to offer personalized advice. We motivate patients with personalized exercise programs and nutritional guidance.

Prescribe FIT gives you resources to improve your patients’ health and wellbeing every day—not just during scheduled appointments.

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Why partner with Prescribe FIT?

Our innovative remote patient monitoring technology and mobile app, paired with one-on-one coaching and patient outreach, can help you achieve better patient outcomes with minimal operational cost and zero upfront budget required. Let us help you put your patients on the Fast Track to Health™ and:

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Our solution was co-developed with practicing providers and clinical health coaches.

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What are you doing to address the root cause of your patients’ orthopedic issues today?

Studies prove a correlation between lifestyle, weight and musculoskeletal issues. According to the CDC, 42.4% of adults aged 20 and over struggle with obesity. And 55% of patients at orthopedic total joint clinics are obese.

When it comes to losing weight, a 2019 Study by Duke showed that “generic advice doesn’t help patients drop pounds.” The study also found that “the physician should instead encourage patient participation in a specific program.” Further, physicians that gave specific advice that reinforced the comprehensive weight-loss program, such as encouraging patients to take calls from weight-loss coaches lost significantly more weight.

Prescribe FIT is an insurance-reimbursable weight-loss program with personalized one-on-one coaching designed specifically for orthopedic patients.

If you had a way to reduce chronic disease and pain caused by obesity, wouldn’t you tell your patients about it?

As healthcare becomes increasingly value-based, patient outreach is the key to population health. Healthcare providers must be proactive, not reactive, to meet patient expectations.

Prescribe FIT offers the solution.

Be Proactive. Go Virtual.

Your patients want proactive, virtual care. By combining cutting-edge technology with proven behavioral science, we help patients engage in their health and maximize outcomes.

Your Virtual Care Center

Prescribe FIT’s full-service solution combines high-touch personal care and coaching with a high-tech and connected platform to help patients reach their health goals.

Prescribe FIT Patient with Care Coordinator
Expert Clinical Care Team

The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your care team.

All Prescribe FIT Care Coordinators:

  • Hold a Medical Assistant Certification and a Principles of Health Coaching Certificate.
  • Participate in ongoing and routine in-service trainings.
  • Receive clinical oversight based on applicable rules and regulations.
Prescribe FIT Mobile App

Through the intuitive mobile app and Prescribe FIT Smart Scale, patients can stay connected, motivated and accountable.

Patients will be able to:

  • Set and record fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals.
  • Collect and transmit health data and biometrics daily.
  • Communicate with your provider and clinical health coach.
  • Receive 12 personalized workouts monthly and nutrition guidance.
  • Track your progress and see your accomplishments.
  • Engage in an educational series to understand healthy choices.

Our solution is easy-to-use and not disruptive to your current workflow.

You can go live and enroll your first patient in 72 hours. After a one-time program setup, minimal involvement is required from your providers and staff.

How it works

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Practice FAQs

It’s a full-service lifestyle modification program that requires very little time from you or your team. You just identify the target patient populations to prescribe. Prescribe FIT will engage your patients in exercise, nutrition & lifestyle health activities then monitor patient health data and coach patients on healthy behaviors. You bill insurance for new reimbursement every month.

Prescribe FIT’s patient outreach team will engage and enroll your qualifying patients into our virtual health and lifestyle program. We have over an 80% retention for 9+ months to complete lifestyle modification. Average weight loss of 5.4% in just 16 weeks which drastically improves MSK issues and patient’s day-to-day life.

Physicians can collect approximately $210.89 per patient per month in insurance reimbursement for the following RPM CPT codes:

$19.65 one-time for CPT 99453: Initial setup visit to issue device & educate patient.

$46.83 every 30 days for CPT 99454: Provide one or more devices to the patient & collect data.

$48.14 monthly for CPT 99457: Initial 20-minutes of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.

$38.64 for CPT 99458 x3: Additional 20-minute increments of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.

Additional reimbursement for RTM Musculoskeletal (MSK) System Monitoring CPT Codes 98975, 98977, 98980, and 98981 coming soon!

Zero upfront cost or budget required to get started. Contact us for a full pro forma analysis of your practice including total patients expected to enroll and costs.

Very minimal. All we need from you is an automated weekly list of patients with upcoming appointments who meet target patient population criteria. Prescribe FIT works on your behalf to fully enroll patients and coach and monitor them throughout the program. The practice bills the patient’s insurance for reimbursement as normal.

Yes! The Prescribe FIT clinical team of care coordinators are matched one-on-one with your patients as an extension of your care team. Each hold a Principles of Health Coaching certificate and go through on-going and routine in-service trainings. We have a strong hierarchal structure of administrative and clinical oversight based on applicable rules & regulations.

Yes! Our audit-ready billing reports offer simple identification of CPT codes to bill. These reports are auto-generated based on the logic from the current AMA Codebook. Reports are in PDF format to export anytime.

It’s easy! Just sign a Prescribe FIT partnership agreement then go live and enroll your first patient in as little as 72 hours.

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