Extending Orthopedic Care Beyond the Office To Transform Patient Life(styles)


The leader in orthopedic weight loss.

Prescribe FIT is a full-service remote patient monitoring (RPM) and virtual lifestyle health solution designed specifically for orthopedic practices to improve patients’ musculoskeletal (MSK) health.

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An illustrative graph of weekly weight loss.
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Why We’re Different

We focus on root cause medicine and whole person health.

We believe better outcomes are the result of stopping symptoms at the source. Our solution is built on the idea that small changes to patients’ lifestyles can lead to powerful results.

Prescribe FIT Smart daily goals
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Our Approach

More than just RPM technology.

By combining innovative technology with one-on-one coaching and patient outreach, we help patients decrease weight, reduce pain, and improve mobility through simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.

A proven track record with meaningful results.

Our remote monitoring and at-home health coaching platform enables us to break down the barriers that exist within healthcare relationships to provide more comprehensive and consistent musculoskeletal care.

Patients shouldn’t wait to lose weight.

In America, 140 million people are obese—and an increasing number of patients with obesity are presenting to orthopedic departments. Physicians can only do so much to battle Orthobesity™ on their own. To make a meaningful impact, orthopedic practices need a partner who can act as an extension of your practice to inspire lasting results.

Prescribe FIT expands your resources to help patients lose weight–for good.

The latest from Prescribe FIT

Additional resources on lifestyle health and remote monitoring solutions.

Orthopedics RPM RTM

Your Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring for Orthopedics

Digital health tools are growing in popularity as patients are drawn to the convenience and effectiveness of virtual healthcare. This report is intended to guide orthopedic provider strategies around the emerging field of Remote Patient Monitoring Technology.



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