We Transform Life(styles)

Improve Chronic Conditions.

Focus on Lifestyle Health.


Virtual Chronic Condition & Lifestyle Health Management

Connecting physicians and patients to empower care for chronic conditions both virtually and consistently. Improving lifestyle health leads to lower risks from chronic conditions. Prescribe FIT impacts healthcare delivery by offering end-to-end solutions for remote patient monitoring and lifestyle services focused on care and prevention of chronic conditions.

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Managed implementation of our program in your practice.

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Consistent care in your pocket.

Patient-centered clinical pathway monitored by the patient’s provider.


Patient education and clinician recommendations on lifestyle health and disease management. Exercise and nutritional guidance and activities provided routinely.


Track and monitor patient health data collected on a usual basis. Utilize for analysis to drive healthy behaviors and provide more specific care determinations.

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Interactive communication between patient, provider, and Prescribe FIT clinical health coach. Have someone by your side at all times.



Set and record fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals

Collect and transmit health data and biometrics daily

Communicate with your provider and clinical health coach

Receive 12 personalized workouts monthly and nutrition guidance

Track your progress and see your accomplishments

Engage in an educational series to understand healthy choices

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Simple solution for complex problems.


Simple & Convenient Workflow.

  1. Identify the patient populations to enroll.

  2. Prescribe to patients individually or by patient population.

  3. Enroll patients in the program in your office or virtually.

  4. Monitor patient health data and participation.

  5. Coach patients on healthy behaviors.

  6. Engage patients in exercise, nutrition & lifestyle health activities.

  7. Bill insurance for new reimbursement every month.

Put Prescribe FIT in your practice.

New Practice Reimbursement

Potential Annual


Per Patient