Move better. Eat better. Live better. Feel better. Be better. 

Take advantage of our proven lifestyle program to improve your health at home. Research shows treatment of musculoskeletal (MSK) issues is effective when you focus on the root causes. Through a partnership with you and your orthopedic physician, Prescribe FIT will be your guide on this journey. Our easy-to-use app and your dedicated health care coordinator will provide education, nutritional advice and simple workouts to decrease weight, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

Eligible for Insurance Coverage
Medicare & Private Insurances

What will I experience?

Patients are provided with a Bluetooth scale which pairs with a smart device to send daily body weight readings to their doctor. Each patient is matched with a health care coordinator for supportive conversations and accountability. 

Patients routinely engage in appropriate exercise, learn about eating better, and are provided with educational engagements to support healthy lifestyle changes and a reduction or prevention of chronic conditions.

Lifestyle Advice
  • Personalized Workouts

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Health Education

Health Coaching
  • Dedicated Care Coordinator

  • Weekly Conversations

  • Messaging In-App

Progress Reporting
  • Health Monitoring

  • Bluetooth Device

  • Virtual Dashboard

Patient Transformation Worth Seeing...


Weight Loss of 40 pounds


A1C Reduction of 1.3


Improvements in Energy & Movement

Other Patients We've Helped

Bill B.
Prospect, Ohio

“I was recommended the Prescribe FIT program by my surgeon due to being overweight. Now, I’m a lot better! I’m motivated to eat right and practice a healthy lifestyle! I’m eating right and exercising regularly. My piece of advice to others considering participating is to be honest with yourself and at least listen to your coach and read all the articles!”

Weight Loss of 18 pounds

Improvements in Energy & Motivation

Merilyn D.
Lexington, Ohio

Before starting the fit program I was so depressed and miserable and in such pain. With losing the weight I am so motivated by my success I can’t wait to get on the scale every morning! I am 66 years old I have fought weight my whole life. The accountability and the immediate and daily affirmation is fantastic. You actually get to talk to a counselor a real person once a week.

Weight Loss of 51 pounds

Improvements in Movement & Energy

David F.
Wapakoneta, Ohio

“I have more energy, and my leg pain is not as bad. My knees are great and that recliner is less appealing. I am in this for long haul, however long it takes because the BIG winner is ME. One piece of advice is to commitment. Only you can make that first step. You have to get your mindset to start a journey. The end of the journey is a new life with good health, more energy and love for yourself, less doctor appointments, and less medications.”

Weight Loss of 38.5 pounds

Improvements in Movement & Pain


Frequently asked questions from patients like you.

The first step to a healthier you only takes a few minutes. Here are some answers to your questions:

How much will this cost me?

Often, there are NO out-of-pocket costs for patients participating in Prescribe FIT. Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance carriers cover the service with little to zero financial responsibility to you. We’ll help you to determine coverage and benefits before enrolling.

Do I need to go anywhere in-person?

No. The program is 100% virtual and available to you wherever you’re located.

I’m a bit tech illiterate. Can you help me?

Yes, of course! The team at Prescribe FIT is always there to help you every step of the way. Our technology was built with this in mind so it’s easy to use for anyone, anywhere, on any device. Our team will ensure your account is setup and that your device is paired with the Bluetooth scale. Once you’ve begun the program, your health coach care coordinators will guide you through the program.

What diet will I be following?

Prescribe FIT is NOT a gimmicky diet fad. There is no specific diet a patient is encouraged to follow. Long-term success is built through general healthy eating, portion control, frequency of eating, and other personalized advice from health coach care coordinator.

How difficult are the exercises?

Each patient will be prescribed a personalized exercise program based on their specific needs and capabilities. You do not need any sort of special equipment to get started.

How long is the program? 

Your prescription is for 12 months and we recommend staying in the program for the full 12 months to fully engrain the lifestyle change. 

Be your best self with improved lifestyle health

  • REDUCE blood pressure, blood sugar & weight

  • IMPROVE mental acuity, flexibility & endurance

  • STRENGTHEN bones, muscles, heart & lungs

  • LEARN about health & wellness


Get started in 1 appointment – done virtually!