Peter Attia MD on “Training for The Centenarian Decathlon”

In this special episode filmed live in front of readers of Outlive, Peter answers questions revolving around his concept of the centenarian decathlon. He starts by defining the “marginal decade” and how that shapes his training for the events and activities that make up his personal centenarian decathlon. Peter explains how he coaches patients through the challenges of customizing their own list and building out a training plan, including how to set fitness goals early in life in preparation for the marginal decade. From there, he dives into training within the four pillars (zone 2, VO2 max, stability, and strength), including the minimum effective dose, how to split your time, his personal protocols, and other considerations. Additionally, he touches on bone mineral density, female-specific considerations, working through injuries, and the profound impact training can have on the overall quality of life.



Published on July 10, 2023