Connected Care Interventions

The US has the best “sick care” system in the world. You walk in with a broken bone, and you’re seen immediately and packaged back up. We are lacking a “health care” system that prevents chronic conditions from occuring at the gate. Chronic Diseases are prevalent and increasing, and they’re treatable. Healthcare lacks consistency and continuous care capabilities - it’s disconnected from patients’ lifestyle choices.

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  • Provide care to patients with chronic conditions the way they should be cared for.

  • Reduce therapeutic inertia.

  • Foster an informed and activated patient.

  • Be proactive and identify issues in a timely manner.

  • Create a better relationship with your patients.

  • Improve self-management.

  • Extend support when the patient needs it most.

Practice Benefits Include:

  • Improve Efficiency in Care

  • Reduce ER Admissions

  • Boost Patient Safety

  • Improve Diagnostic Ability

  • Enhance Physician-Patient Relationship

  • Discover Unknown Conditions

  • Prevent Adverse Health Events

  • Improve Accuracy in Care

  • Save in Value-Based Care

Prescribe FIT incorporates the science of behavior change to lay the foundation for long-term success.

Simple Cloud Solution to Implement. Minimal Staff Time Required.

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Patient Testimonial

"David Plummer" (2020)

Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring.

CMS & Private Insurance Reimbursements.

Physicians can earn approximately

$2,380 per patient in annual reimbursement 

by implementing the Prescribe FIT program.

CPT 99453

Initial setup visit to issue device & educate patient.


One Time

CPT 99454

Provide one or more devices to the patient & collect data.


Each 30 days

CPT 99457

Initial 20-minutes of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.



CPT 99458

Additional 20-minute increments of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.



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Onboard new patients virtually or in person.

How it works...

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Go live and enroll your first patient in 72 hours.


Stratification of clinicall relevant patient populations to enroll in the Prescribe FIT program.

Virtual Health & Lifestyle Coaching through a hardware and software combo that provides real-time biometric, health, and lifestyle data to providers for use in care for Chronic Conditions.




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