Prescribe FIT in the News

Prescribe FIT Connects Patients and Physicians Virtually to Deliver Lifestyle Health

Most of us know that a healthy lifestyle—anchored by regular exercise and the appropriate diet—is critical to preventing and caring for chronic conditions like high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes.

But knowing and doing can be two different things. It is hard to change behavior—even when we know we should.

Now there is a new approach from Prescribe FIT, a virtual health and lifestyle coaching startup. Prescribe FIT provides 100 percent virtual end-to-end solutions—from real-time health data monitoring to lifestyle services—focused on improving chronic conditions. It’s a team approach delivered via easy-to-use mobile technology that engages, monitors, and supports.

“Our solution connects patients and physicians and is guided by a care coordinator health coach who is paired one-on-one with a patient,” said Brock Leonti, Prescribe FIT CEO. “It is consistent care in the patient’s pocket.”


Published on October 22, 2020