7 Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up and many more holidays just around the corner, it’s important to remain mindful about our food choices. The 7 healthy recipes for the holidays below will help keep you on track towards achieving your wellness goals.

Eating healthy during the holidays

While it’s good to make healthy choices, food is an important part of the holidays. So, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at all!

Instead, it’s important to practice both mindfulness and moderation at the dinner table. Just like you would any other day.

This means making a conscious effort to choose healthier options, take smaller portions, and avoid overeating just because there’s still food on the table.

If you plan to cook for holiday dinner this year, we compiled a list of seven healthy recipes for the holidays to make it easier to make mindful choices.

7 healthy recipes for the holidays

1. Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with Cranberries and Apple: Not only is this salad packed with healthy nutrients, but it also only takes 5 minutes to assemble! 

2. Mashed Sweet Potatoes: This recipe uses just four ingredients to bring together a rich and savory holiday side dish.

3. Cranberry-Glazed Carrots: These slightly sweet and lightly dressed carrots takes just 20 minutes to make with only four ingredients.

4. Perfect Roast Chicken: This 3-step roast chicken recipe from the Food Network is sure to satisfy your holiday partygoers.

5. Lightened-Up Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake: A lighter version of traditional chocolate truffle cheesecake is a great way to enjoy dessert while still being healthy.

6. Paleo Pumpkin Bread: A one bowl Paleo pumpkin bread makes the perfect holiday dessert. It’s also gluten and dairy-free!

7. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: A delicious and savory snack – roasted pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed on a salad or just by themselves!


All these healthy recipes for the holidays are a great way to stay mindful at the dinner table in the coming months. You can always check the Resources section of the PACE Mobile App (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) for more healthy recipes too!

Lastly, remember that December is Moderation Month and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are only celebrated for one day! Afterwards, be sure to get back into your normal routine of healthy eating.

Published on November 14, 2023