CEO Update: A Year of Growth & Transformation

Hello everyone, I’m Brock Leonti, the CEO of Prescribe FIT, and I am thrilled to share the incredible journey we’ve had over the past year. It has been a year of phenomenal growth and achievements that I’m excited to highlight in the video and blog post below:

3x Growth in the Past Year

Over the past year, Prescribe FIT has tripled in size, adding numerous talented team members, and we’re still hiring for multiple roles. Our board now includes some of the most innovative leaders in healthcare, technology, and business, including:

We’re also proud to have Dr. Howard Luks, a distinguished orthopedic surgeon and author of “Longevity Simplified,” as our advisor.

As a result, we made headlines nationally multiple times, but what truly stands out is our achievement of averaging one new partner physician per day throughout 2023. We’ve expanded our network from coast-to-coast to include partner practices in New Jersey and Florida to Oregon, Hawaii, and everywhere in between.

Patient Success Stories

With our virtual health coaching solution, we’ve now helped thousands of patients around the country transform their lives and get healthy no matter where they’re located.

On average, we’ve helped patients lose 5.4% body weight in the first 16 weeks of our program. Patients have also lost up to and over 100lbs, including one patient who hit 133lbs of weight loss last year. We also celebrated the ONEderland milestone with many patients over the past 12 months, which is that magical moment when you see a 1 as the first digit on a scale.

Here’s a great story from one of our patients, Jeanne B. in Shalimar, Florida, who was resistant at first but in the end really appreciated the multiple emails and calls that are part of our educational patient outreach program:

“Thank you for chasing me down, sending multiple emails, calling me to answer questions, and encouraging me to start this program. I was diehard against it at first and didn’t think it would work. But now after just 100 days, I’m down 25lbs and 14% of my starting body weight – at 68 years old! Prescribe FIT would be a wonderful gift for everyone! I sincerely hope you continue to chase down whoever else needs to transform their life!”

And another a great quote from Dr. Patrick McDonald at Mountain Valley Orthopedics in Pennsylvania:

“Prescribe FIT has not only helped my patients lose weight – 13.5lbs on average including one patient who’s lost over 48lbs and 19% of her body weight in the first 6 months of the program – but they’ve also helped my patients feel better and get back to normal pain-free lives.”

Success Beyond the Scale

We really are so much more than a weight-loss program. Our virtual lifestyle health coaching focuses on improving daily habits to build sustainable healthy practices that address the root causes of pain, orthopedic issues, and other diseases. In fact, 82% of patients in severe pain reported a reduction in just 30 days. And 81% have seen an improvement in mobility. Patients have also reported improvements in sleep, mood, stress, energy, and more.

Here are some other non-scale success stories from the past year:

  • “I finally qualified for surgery.”
  • “I lost enough weight to qualify for a lung transplant.”
  • “I’m now able to tie my shoes again.”
  • “My reduction in A1C went from 10 to 5.”
  • “So excited to fit in a rollercoaster again!”
  • “My doctor stopped my blood pressure meds.”
  • “My cholesterol is down to 140 from 220.”
  • “Had major back surgery 2 months ago and already walking 2mi 7 days per week.”
  • “I stopped taking naps and don’t get winded when I get to the top of the steps anymore.”
  • “My acid reflux went way down!”
  • “I’m turning 75 next week and played in a 4-day golf tournament. And I won!”
  •  “My hairdresser noticed how much healthier my hair was.”
  • “My blood pressure is down 20 points.”
  •  “I finally got to mow my lawn again.”
  • “I’d missed gardening so much. I’m so happy now.”
  • “No longer taking any diabetes medications after 22 years of taking them!”
  • “I finally have no pain!”
  • “I was able to do my own laundry again!”
  • “I no longer need my seatbelt extender!”
  • “I lost enough weight to qualify for a lung transplant.”

What sets us apart is our dedication to personalized care. Each patient receives a hyper-personalized approach from their dedicated health coach based on their unique needs and motivations. This approach has earned us an excellent +71 rating in a recent NPS survey, surpassing the typical healthcare rating of +45. We also boast an 80% patient retention rate for 9 months which is unheard of in telehealth and the remote patient monitoring space.

The Leader in Orthopedic Patient Optimization

Our partner providers love us too. We know reimbursements are declining and teams are becoming overburdened. Orthopedic surgeons and practice staff love us not only because we obviously help their patients get healthy and live longer, happier lives but also because we’re an ancillary service they can provide with little-to-no work required by their staff. As a full-service solution, we really are an extension of their team. Here’s a great quote from Dr. Keith Berend at JIS Orthopedics in Ohio:

“Prescribe FIT was the most buttoned-up of the organizations in terms of start-to-finish, taking care of the patient, excellent metrics, excellent communication, but really that one-on-one interaction with my patient makes it seem like it’s an extension of me and my practice.”

And another from Dr. David Dickerson at Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in New Jersey: “Prescribe FIT has provided us an ancillary service that allows to generate income and continue to provide a patient centered approach to wellness and joint health.”

We truly do think of this as a partnership with our physicians and staff. We recently launched a new surgical optimization program based on feedback from our partners.

Looking ahead, we have exciting developments on our product roadmap, including a smoking cessation program, a remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) service around pain and mobility, a full-service billing solution, and an AI solution to enhance patient engagement.

We’ve had so much success over the past year we’ve had to create a waitlist for other specialties eager to join us. Prescribe FIT has become the only musculoskeletal solution of its kind. We’re not just the leader in orthopedic weight loss or lifestyle health, and not just the leader in orthopedic remote patient monitoring, but we’re making a shift in what we do that better aligns with what the orthopedic industry wants and needs, which includes weight loss but that isn’t the focal point. Together with our partners, we’ve grown to become the “Leader in Orthopedic Patient Optimization” to continue to expand care beyond the office and ultimately improve patient outcomes and population health.

Join us on this mission! Whether you’re a patient, provider, practice staff, or interested in joining our team, contact us to discover how you can be a part of our vision to create a world of healthy people supported on their wellness journey.

Published on January 24, 2024