Feel Great

Eating right and exercising will help you feel better and help you accomplish your weight loss goals. Below are a few great tips to make this happen!

  • Choose fat free or skim milk instead of 1 or 2% milk.
  • Try being active with your kids and/or grandkids to burn more calories.
  • Get a friend to exercise with you whether it is a walk, biking, or hiking.
  • Meal prep healthy meals every week and freeze what you do not use for those nights when you do not have time to cook.
  • Try to avoid fast food restaurants and bring healthy snacks to work.
  • Walk in a mall during the cold winter months and go to a park during warmer weather to appreciate nature.

TIP: Set specific goals for exercise. You can complete the exercises assigned to you by your Care Coordinator to strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate.

Published on August 11, 2023