Prescribe FIT Case Study with JIS Orthopedics

The Prescribe FIT case study with JIS Orthopedics analyzes the use of remote patient monitoring and virtual lifestyle health coaching for orthopedic weight loss.

Prescribe FIT helped patients of JIS Orthopedics achieve clinically meaningful reductions in weight, as well as improvements in pain, mobility, A1C, and other non-scale metrics. Additionally, the practice generated a substantial ancillary service revenue stream with minimal investment or resources.

JIS Orthopedics Case Study Overview

Nearly half of adults are expected to be obese by 2030. It is well-documented that obesity can cause and exacerbate a host of musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, as well as increase the risk of undergoing orthopedic surgery.

Medical provider involvement significantly increases the likelihood that patients will pursue weight loss. And several studies suggest that telemedicine programs can be an effective solution.

However, providers face time and resource constraints that discourage them from engaging with their patients meaningfully. Providers then resort to offering generic advice to “lose weight” or “exercise more.”

But generic weight loss advice is not enough to motivate patients to act. Instead, patients need proactive, specific, and consistent engagement, such as through a dedicated weight loss intervention program.

JIS Orthopedics of New Albany, Ohio, partnered with Prescribe FIT to integrate a full-service virtual patient weight loss program into eligible patients’ care plans.

By partnering with Prescribe FIT, JIS Orthopedics providers produced clinically meaningful weight loss and improved quality-of-life metrics for their patients. In addition, the practice generated a substantial ancillary services revenue stream with minimal staff resources required.


Orthopedic providers can help manage obesity in their patient population with a comprehensive, evidence-based weight loss program. To avoid additional time or cost burden, orthopedic practices can partner with a full-service program such as Prescribe FIT.

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Published on March 20, 2023