Set Point

Many things can determine your Set Point which is the number on the scale that you weigh normally or around within a couple of pounds on a regular basis.  Your genetics and environment determine your set point. Use the R-K-O Method.

  • R: Regular Reducing-Each day get plenty of exercise to reduce weight
  • K: Keeping it off-Not getting enough exercise but not eat as much as planned or Exercise enough but eat more than planned
  • O: Off- 0 days for “0ff” gaining weight because ate too much or did not exercise much
  • Make sure the “R” days outnumber the “K” days and “K” days outnumber the “O” days
  • A slow gradual weight gain could trick your body into thinking your set point is a lot higher than it should be
  • Not getting enough exercise will lead you to a higher set point
  • Weigh daily so you can achieve your ultimate weight goal
  • Work with your body to gradually lose weight slowly
  • 10% body weight loss is what you can lose before your body fights back
  • Fight hard to maintain that weight loss so your body sees it as your new set point

TIP: Each day follow a healthy diet and get enough physical activity; you should see the same weight several days in a row or a decrease in your weight.

Published on July 11, 2023