Your Thanksgiving Favorites

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week! By now, your leftovers are probably all gone and you’re ready to get back on track towards your nutrition goals.

Many patients continued to log their meals during the holiday weekend, which is great news! It’s important to keep track of your nutrition, even during special events, to keep the habit strong.

We compiled all the Thanksgiving foods that Prescribe FIT patients logged during the holiday weekend and ranked the top 5 below. See how your meal compared with the rest!

1) Turkey

Of course, you can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey! That makes the dish number one on our list with 84% of patients logging it.

2) Potatoes

Whether mashed, baked, fried, or scalloped, potatoes were the second most popular dish over Thanksgiving weekend with 65% of patients having them.

3) Green beans

Another Thanksgiving staple, 48% of patients logged green beans in their nutrition tracker during the holiday, including green bean casserole!

4) Ham

43% of our patients opted for Thanksgiving ham instead of (or in addition to) the turkey.

5) Pumpkin

Last but not least, 42% of patients treated themselves to a slice of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or a pumpkin roll over Thanksgiving.

Congratulations on continuing to track your nutrition over Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t forget to keep up the habit and be sure to settle back into your routine of healthy eating going forward.

To help you make healthy food choices, be sure to check out the Recipes tab in our app. We even have several recipes for healthier versions of the above Thanksgiving staples including cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and Paleo pumpkin bread.

Published on December 1, 2022