Beyond the Scale: Celebrating Small Wins on Your Wellness Journey

TL;DR: At Prescribe FIT, we are passionate about transforming lives through our virtual lifestyle health coaching program. We’ve helped patients lose over 100lbs, reach the ONEderland milestone, and reduce their BMI by as much as 20pts. While weight loss is a significant achievement and goal for many of our patients, our focus extends far beyond the numbers on a scale. Our mission is to build sustainable healthy practices that address the root causes of pain, mobility, other orthopedic issues, and various chronic diseases. In the past year, we’ve witnessed numerous non-scale success stories that highlight the profound impact of living a healthier lifestyle.

Reducing Pain and Improving Mobility

A key aspect of our program is addressing pain and mobility issues. In just 30 days, 82% of Prescribe FIT patients experiencing severe pain reported a significant reduction. Additionally, 81% witnessed improvements in mobility, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach in enhancing overall well-being and day-to-day life.

Other Non-Scale Success Stories & Small Wins

Our patients have also shared other inspiring stories that go beyond the numbers on the scale. Here are some remarkable small wins from the past year:

  • “I finally have no pain.”
  • “Walking upstairs is no problem.”
  • “I’m now eligible for knee replacement surgery.”
  • “No more medications after 22 years!”
  • “I’m actually saving money!”
  • “So happy! I have so much energy now!”
  • “I’m sleeping so much better!”
  • “I’m now able to tie my shoes again.”
  • “My reduction in A1C went from 10 to 5.”
  • “I went from 18 to 12 size pants!”
  • “So excited to fit in a rollercoaster again!”
  • “Doctor stopped my blood pressure meds.”
  • “My cholesterol is down to 140 from 220.”
  • “I threw away my table salt!”
  • “Had back surgery 2 months ago and already walking 2 miles every day.”
  • “I stopped taking naps.”
  • “I don’t get winded when I get to the top of the steps anymore.”
  • “My acid reflux went way down!”
  • “I’m turning 75 next week and just won a 4-day golf tournament!”
  • “I can play with my grandkids again.”
  • “I lost enough weight to qualify for a lung transplant.”
  • “I fit into my military uniform from 20 years ago.”
  • “I went from a size 20 to a size 10.”
  • “I threw away all my 3XL clothes.”
  • “I stopped myself from ordering at a drive-thru and went home to make a salad instead.”
  • “I stopped drinking alcohol.”
  • “My stress levels have decreased.”
  • “My hairdresser noticed how much healthier my hair was.”
  • “My blood pressure is down 20 points.”
  • “I finally got to mow my lawn again.”
  • “I’d missed gardening so much. I’m so happy now.”
  • “No longer taking any diabetes medications!”
  • “I was able to do my own laundry again!”
  • “I no longer need my seatbelt extender!”
  • “I had really bad sciatica pain but it is so much better now!”
  • “I am so motivated by my success.”
  • “I’m walking without walking sticks.”
  • “I am back to normal.”

These stories highlight the diverse and impactful ways in which our program has positively influenced the lives of our patients. At Prescribe FIT, we celebrate every small win, recognizing that each achievement contributes to a healthier and happier life. Beyond weight loss, our virtual lifestyle health coaching is making a profound difference in addressing pain, improving mobility, and fostering holistic well-being.

Published on March 12, 2024