Tips to Healthy Eating

You can overcome some of the biggest challenges to eating healthy with the strategies below. Your Care Coordinator can also help you make these changes.

  • Try to prepare your week’s meals in advance, such as on the weekend. This will help you make healthier food choices and avoid last-minute, unhealthy meals.
  • Make a few small changes to your diet each week, such as adding in a serving of vegetables or reducing added salt, so you and your family can adjust gradually to healthier meals.
  • Buy packaged, canned, or frozen vegetables and lean meats to make quick, healthy meals.
  • If you are having trouble giving up junk food, allow yourself a treat once a week.
  • When eating out, eat half of the meal and save the rest for the following day. You can even ask for a to-go box before you eat to avoid overeating.
  • Using our mobile app to keep track of your food and portions will help as you continue this journey.

TIP: Experiment with different vegetables and fruits to figure out what you like. Make dietary changes gradually to avoid burnout.

Published on February 21, 2023