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Digbi Health

Food is personal. Your unique genetic profile and gut are key reasons why most “One size Fits All” diet plans fail to provide long-term healthy outcomes. Your genetic make-up and gut biome play a key role in how effectively you process carbs, fat and other nutrients. Determinants in your genes characterize the body’s ability to use nutrients in specific ways. Through specific reports, you’ll be able to find the right foods and recipes.

Report Types:

  • Food Tolerance Report
  • Vitamin Metabolism Report
  • Chemical Detox Report
  • Personalized Exercise Regimen
  • Personalized Food Recommendations
  • Digital Portal

Your DNA & Your Gut

Personalized Plans:

Prescribe FIT is proud to partner with Digbi Health to offer personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations based on your DNA and Gut Biome.

Build a healthy relationship with food & fitness by discovering what you should be eating, the types of workouts that are best for your body, and how to feel rejuvenated based on your DNA and Gut.