Forming New Habits Will Be Key to Your Success

Starting a few new habits will be key to your success in our program. Take some time to write down a few ways you can keep from returning to old habits.

  • Rather than trying to make a significant change all at once, try to set smaller goals that challenge you but are still realistic and achievable.
  • Remember to practice reading nutrition labels and log your meals in our app to stay mindful of your food choices each day.
  • Log your physical activity each day as well. Try different activities so you can find some forms of exercise that you really enjoy.
  • You aren’t alone! Open up to trusted people in your life that can support you on your journey. Many of our patients’ family members even change their own habits as well!
  • Set yourself up for success by getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, staying hydrated, and moving your body regularly.

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TIP: Living a healthy lifestyle is much easier when you can turn healthy behaviors into daily habits. Try to set a few small goals to live healthier such as going on 5-minute walks, eating more vegetables, and drinking more water.

Published on January 25, 2023