Preparing for Exercise

Overcoming obstacles to exercising is very important.  Starting an exercise program and sticking to it is key in changing your lifestyle and becoming a healthier you.

  • The workout labs offer a great way to start off slowly by doing what you can at your convenience
  • Remember a little exercise is better than no exercise
  • Start slowly to increase your activity every day
  • Stretch and warm up before exercising.
  • Start small and keep building by gradually increasing the minutes every day
  • Do not feel bad if you are not at the fitness level you want to be
  • No guilt or shame allowed when starting an exercise program
  • Take a walk at lunchtime or walk laps in a mall
  • Exercise with friends or family
  • Listen to your music when you are exercising
  • Exercise should not be painful so start out slow and then increase minutes gradually
  • Swimming and yoga have been known exercises to help with pain

TIP: Schedule activities into your day and take walk breaks at work, use the stairs, park farther away from stores. Find an activity you enjoy!

Published on May 13, 2023