Prescribe FIT Declares December “Moderation Month”

Prescribe FIT is officially declaring December “Moderation Month” to increase awareness about the importance of practicing moderation during the holidays.

Why Moderation Month?

The flurry of excitement around the holidays can make it easy to be forgetful when it comes to practicing a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to stay especially mindful and continue to focus on moderation in all aspects of life during the holiday season.

Why is it important to practice moderation during the holidays? First, it keeps you on track towards forming healthier habits related to nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle changes.

Research suggests that forming a new habit can take as long as three months. If you put this process on hold, it could make it much more difficult to pick it back up once the holiday season is over.

This is also part of the reason why the Prescribe FIT program lasts a full year. It’s important to face all of the ups and downs of life—such as holidays, vacations, and illnesses­—for you to build a resilience to them and fully engrain your healthy habits.

How to observe Moderation Month

Of course, celebrating the holidays with family and friends is part of a healthy lifestyle as well! Why? Because your mental and emotional health are equally as important as your physical health.

So, observing Moderation Month doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in the holiday festivities at all.

Instead, practicing moderation means enjoying the holidays in a way that is both mindful and supportive of your health.

For example, having just one cookie for dessert after dinner and no more than two drinks when ringing in the New Year. For inspiration on healthy food dishes, you can make for holiday dinner, visit our blog “7 Healthy Recipes for the Holidays.”

It’s also important to maintain your physical activity, especially as the weather gets colder. Not only will exercise help you stay fit, but it can also benefit your mental and emotional wellness. It can be difficult to find the motivation to go for a walk outdoors in the cold. Luckily, Prescribe FIT has come up with 6 Ways to Stay Active Indoors this Winter to help you maintain your fitness routine.

Whenever you’re unsure about whether or not a lifestyle choice is healthy, keep in mind our definition of a healthy lifestyle:

“The commitment to a balanced way of living which includes consistent habits that promote personal wellbeing and fulfillment in all domains of life.”

If you’re still unsure, or struggling to continue your healthy habits in light of the holidays, reach out to your Care Coordinator through our mobile app.


Try your best to continue your healthy habits through the holiday season by observing Moderation Month this December. To help you along your journey, Prescribe FIT now has recipes, educational articles, and much more under the Resources tab in our app!

Published on November 28, 2022