Release Notes: What’s New in PACE 3.4

Our innovative mobile app, PACE (Prescribe, Assess, Connect & Engage) connects orthopedic patients with consistent support, education, and motivation to address the root causes of their musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions beyond their in-office appointments.

In partnership with patients’ orthopedic providers, Prescribe FIT leverages our PACE mobile app to guide patients on their journey to transform their life(style).

Welcome to PACE 3.4

The latest version of the PACE mobile app unlocks a wealth of wellness information at your fingertips with the new Resources tab.

We’ve also added a brand-new mobility survey to help patients and their orthopedic care team set the PACE of their physical activity.


Mobility Survey

A 5-question survey to monitor physical wellness and provide exercise recommendations. Patients will complete the survey every 90 days.


Resources Tab

Patients asked, and we delivered! The app now features our library of educational articles, healthy lifestyle tips, and much more.


Under Resources, patients can also access our complete database of healthy recipes directly from the app.



Also in this release

  • The “Data” tab has been moved under the “More” tab.
  • Updated weight reading features.

The PACE mobile app has many more features to support patients of our orthopedic practice partners as they transform their lifestyles. Visit What’s New in PACE 3.0 to learn more.

Published on November 17, 2022