Distracted Eating

Sometimes we get into habits that become life long and we are unaware of how this can negatively affect our eating habits. 

Distracted eating may result in overeating which will add to weight gain. While watching TV, find something to do with your hands to keep you busy such as knitting, repairing items, squeeze a stress ball, lift some dumbbells or water bottles, and other things to distract you from eating.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid eating in front of the television
  • Avoid excessive snacking at night
  • Avoid eating from a box, bag, or carton.  Use a bowl instead.
  • Choose to eat fruit or vegetables at night to provide a crunchy snack
  • Try a spoonful of peanut butter before you go to bed if you are hungry
  • Yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream


Published on August 5, 2023