Increase Your Heart Rate

There are many ways you can burn more calories by increasing your heart rate. Try some of the activities below to get started.

  • Choose activities to increase your heart rate such as brisk walking, swimming, pickle ball, biking, tennis, and stairs.
  • Also do some free weights by using dumbbells and exercise bands so you can strengthen your muscles.
  • Push mow your lawn or walk while playing golf instead of using a golf cart.
  • Keep track of your heart rate and breathing while exercising.
  • When participating in moderate activity, you will sense your breath quicken but you are not out of breath. You will sweat after 10 minutes of activity, and you can carry on a conversation but not sing.
  • When you are doing more than moderated activity (intense), your breathing is deep and rapid and it only takes a couple of minutes to start sweating, and you can hardly talk without pausing and taking a breath.

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TIP:  Some ways to calculate your maximum heart rate is by subtracting your age from 220.  If you are 60 years old, then that no. would be 160 (220-60=160). Then check your resting heart rate which happens to be 80. Subtract 160-80 and you get 80 for your heart rate reserve.  If you are moderately exercising calculate 70% of 80.  If you are doing more vigorous activity, calculate 85% of 80. Then add those nos. separately with 80 to get your target heart rate zone which would be 136 to 148 beats per minute.

Published on November 23, 2022