Release Notes: What’s New in PACE 3.5

What’s new in PACE 3.5

Welcome to PACE 3.5! This update incorporates feedback from our patient users into several new features: nutrition history, brand-specific food tracking, and barcode scanning.


Nutritional values are now on the home tab.


Nutrition tracking is now on the Home tab.

We moved our nutrition tracker front-and-center to make it fast and simple for our patients to log their meals.


Patients can now track brand-specific food


Nutrition tracking is now brand-specific 

One of the most requested features from our patients. This feature allows for greater precision when calculating nutritional values for each meal.

Quick-add commonly used foods


View food history and quick-add common meals

Patients can now access meals that they have logged previously and quick-add commonly used foods to their nutrition tracker.


Use your phone camera to scan barcodes of food packaging


Barcode scanning via phone camera

Patients can now use their phone camera to scan barcodes of food packaging, increasing the accuracy of nutritional information.


The PACE mobile app has many more features to support patients of our orthopedic practice partners as they transform their lifestyles. Visit What’s New in PACE 3.4 to learn more.

Published on December 13, 2022